Crysis Remastered delayed after underwhelming leak

Crysis Remastered is getting some extra time in development. Crytek has delayed the first-person shooter until later this year after negative reaction to leaked screenshots and a trailer.

The game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The leak includes the above video, with many comments on YouTube noting that the remaster does not look much different than the 2007 original. The trailer also revealed a July 23 release date, but that will no longer be the case.

Crytek is taking the criticism seriously, and the studio directly reveals it as the reason for the delay.

We would like to share an important update with you all!

— Crysis (@Crysis) July 1, 2020

While Crytek does not specify a new release date, it still commits to releasing the remaster this year.

The original Crysis received praise and acclaim for its graphical fidelity. Years after its release, the game remained a benchmark when it came to testing new PCs and graphical cards. It spawned two sequels, but the franchise has gone dormant since the 2013 release of Crysis 3.

The game also became a showpiece for the CryEngine, which Amazon licensed in 2015. Amazon then used CryEngine to create its own game-making tool, Lumberyard.

Remasters have become a popular trend, but they can be tricky to market. Remasters come in many different forms of quality. Some are simple ports that add minor things like improved framerates or resolutions. Others can rework models, textures, and even add new gameplay features.

We have reached out to Crytek and asked what it will work on during this delay, and we will update this story if the studio responds.

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