Doom Eternal — A double boss fight

Doom Eternal is a long game, and when you run into a boss encounter, you think you’re getting close to the end. The problem — or perhaps the good thing about this great first-person shooter — is that there are a lot of these boss fights.

I discovered that with my encounter with the Doom Hunter, who is after my body. This is a part demon, part machine that you encounter after numerous hours of play. I had a full arsenal of weapons to tackle this baddie, but it was still a lot of sweaty work.

I had to use the plasma gun to bring down his shield on his upper body, and then I had to use other weapons against his mechanical parts. Once I destroyed the machine, he was still alive, floating around and causing trouble. Then I finally got him down. And mind you, this was playing on the easy level.

Above: The Doom Hunter is part demon and part machine.

Image Credit: Bethesda

I was immediately thrown into another boss fight in the snow. This time, it was against two Doom Hunters. Fortunatetly, there were a lot of places to run and dodge on this level, and the Doom Hunters were fairly slow at maneuvering. Still, they had a lot of firepower and it was a hairy battle. Check out the video embedded in the story.

Doom Eternal comes out on the PC and consoles on March 20.

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