Best Perfume Gifts for 2020

Is there a better gift than beautiful perfume? We don’t think so, and as we approach the holidays, finding that perfect gift for a friend, loved one, or just a treat for yourself, it’s time to look at the best perfume gifts for 2020.

A gift is more than just the scent itself, although getting a wonderful scent is always important, so we looked at the bottle or package in addition to the scent inside to find the best option that does what a gift should always do: Make the recipient feel special.


Versace Yellow Diamond

Since its launch in 2011, Yellow Diamond has been a firm favorite with its light, floral fragrance that places delicate notes of orange blossom and freesia over a sensual base of musk and amber, for an uplifting scent that never overpowers.Versace Yellow Diamond perfume for women

The confidence boost you get from wearing a classic Versace scent and the admiring glances it brings can make every day special.

It is not just a wonderful fragrance, with beautiful packaging and the incredible Versace bottle, it is an exquisite jewel in its own right. A stunning fragrance and a luxurious overall package make this a wonderful gift for anyone.


LANCÔME Hypnôse Eau de Parfum

Lancome Hypnose Perfume for WomenAnother unique gift for a special woman, this evocative scent is something very different, and will delight anyone who receives it. Bringing an ethereal quality, it blends violet, jasmine and passionflower to give a mesmerizing mix of floral fragrance, supported by a lush layer of vanilla that adds a rich texture to the fragrance. Underneath these wonderfully light notes we find sensual undertones, driven by amber, vetiver and natural woods.

As intoxicating as the fragrance is, a gift needs to be more, and LANCÔME does not disappoint here either. Lovely packaging opens to reveal a glorious bottle, with a twisted, sculptured effect that is eye candy on the table. The wonderful, light blue shade of the perfume completes the beautiful look of this fantastic gift.


Christian Louboutin Trouble in Heaven

Trouble in Heaven perfume for womenTrouble in Heaven was launched in 2016 and has been one of the brand’s best sellers ever since.  It brings a provocative scent, featuring patchouli and amber undertones with rose bouton, bergamot and cascalone high notes, evoking opulence and mystery in a rich, confidence boosting fragrance that invigorates the wearer to take on the day with renewed vigor.

Inside the beautiful packaging, you find a simply shaped but elegant bottle that highlights the rich, purple color, perfectly matching the feel of the fragrance. A very special gift that will be a delight to receive.


Chloé Eau de Parfum

A wonderful classic rose scent, Chloé combines peony, cedarwood and magnolia to deliver a sensual perfume that lifts your mood and sets you up for whatever the day can bring. Confidence inspiring and feel-good, Chloé lifts your mood and empowers you to do anything you set your mind to.

Described as fresh and romantic, confident and distinctive, this lovely perfume encapsulates the many aspects of the Chloé spirit.Chloe perfume for women

Packaged with a luxurious feel, once opened you find the beautiful bottle. Refined and elegant, presented in an attractive pleated bottle with the fabric bow giving a final flourish and a touch of fun. It really is a sumptuous gift that your friends or loved ones will treasure.


Viktor & Rolf BonBon

One of the most popular fragrances on the market since its launch, Viktor & Rolf BonBon has stood the test of time because it is simply a wonderful fragrance. Mixing a floral bouquet with sweet, fruity flavors, it’s a decadent fragrance that captures the imagination. With jasmine and orange blossom providing a distinct bouquet, the high notes of blackcurrant, peach, orange and tangerine give this perfume a wonderful blend reminiscent of warm caramel. Buy this for the woman that likes a sweet fragrance with a little something extra.Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon perfume for women

The fragrance is magnificent, but the bottle somehow upstages it, making this a truly memorable gift. Crafted from fine glass in the shape of a bow, it is eye-catching just from its silhouette, but with the deep, rich purple color, it makes a real statement, a fragrance that is designed to make the wearer feel truly special, and it does.



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