Best Scents for Work: 5 Work Friendly Fragrances for 2019

It is one the most difficult choices any of us make where fragrance is concerned, just what do you wear to work? There are so many ways it can go wrong, some fragrances are too aggressive and strong for the workplace, you don’t want to overpower others. By contrast, some fragrances are too weak, which can be as badly received as being too passive, while some can relay a sexier feel than you would like. It’s a fine balance, and something we have considered very carefully. Here are the 5 fragrances we think work best for you at work.


CHANCE EAU VIVE by ChanelChanel Chance Eau Vive

Inside the typically attractive Chanel bottle is everything we adore about the entire Chanel range of perfumes, but with a little less intensity and a little more fun. This is a light fragrance that has pleasant floral notes including jasmine and Iris, with a cedar undertone and the zesty hints of grapefruit and blood orange to give a bright, vibrant effect.

Light and airy, it still has all day strength, and is a wonderful fragrance that is tailor-made for your busy day at work.


If you are in the mood for a Chanel perfume with more depth, try the original Chance, which we covered on a recent post.



Norell New York by NorellNorell New York Perfume

Norell takes us back to its roots, when the brand dominated the Hollywood scene and New York socialites alike. A wonderful floral scent, it blends highlights of bergamot and pear with the light, airy feel of jasmine, peony and orchid, through a soft base of musk, vanilla and sandalwood. This brings a hint of sensuality and a light, restrained overall aroma, a great choice for all-day freshness.

It is also a beautiful product to own, the bottle is almost a work of art itself, retro in style but modern in feel, just like the fragrance.



Pleasures by Estee LauderEstee Lauder Pleasures Perfume

The usual stylish penetration from Estee Lauder reveals a delicate fragrance that is soft and light, but when applied a little more freely it can become a stronger scent without ever becoming overpowering. A floral fragrance featuring rose, jasmine, geranium and lily of the valley for a very feminine scent, it also enjoys undertones of musk and cedar, along with red berries for a softer highlight.

Adaptable for all day use, this wonderful perfume has everything a great work perfume should include, and just a little more besides.



Mademoiselle by Nina RicciMademoiselle Perfume by Nina Ricci

When you want something understated and light, but still need a little boost for yourself, Mademoiselle is the perfect option. It may have been around since 2012, but it remains one of the best fragrances around. Blending floras with the woody aromas of musk, it features wild rose, pink pepper and a hint of raspberry, giving a clean, crisp scent that you will love.

With white wood and cedar complementing the musk, you feel like you are forever walking through a rose garden in spring, and that just makes every work day a better day.



Infusion d’Iris Perfume by PradaPrada Infusion d'Iris Perfume

Prada fragrances can often be powerful statements, but this one manages to keep the same feminine style in a more restrained fragrance. With the zesty notes of mandarin orange and the floral body of iris, this is a gentle scent that is perfect for office wear.

Understated, clean and crisp, this is a wonderful daily fragrance that allows the wearer to express their style in a more subdued, work appropriate way.

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