Perfume Spotlight – My Burberry: Best Burberry for Women

My Burberry Black, Blush and Classic


My Burberry is a range of perfumes launched initially with a single version, known as Classic, with the intent of providing the brand with a complete line of contemporary women’s fragrances. They are designed to be both feminine and sophisticated, to fit in with the life of the modern woman, whether she’s shattering glass ceilings or dancing the night away. This article highlights some of the best Burberry for women.

Since the initial launch, two new creations, Black and Blush, were added to the My Burberry range in 2016 and 2017 respectively, to create a range that has something to suit any taste. The Classic My Burberry blends floral notes with woody undertones to bring the sensation of walking through a field of flowers after a rainstorm, along with that sense of calm and happiness that go with it, a great fragrance to simply enjoy.

My Burberry Black was launched in 2016, with a fragrance inspired by a London garden, full of exquisite floral tones but retaining a sensual undertone that creates a fragrance that gives you confidence and turns heads wherever you go.

The newest of the My Burberry range released in 2017, Blush is the perfect fragrance to encapsulate that feeling of freedom that comes with Spring.  Floral notes with fruity highlights make this a light, vibrant fragrance that will convince you anything is possible.


ClassicMy Burberry Classic Perfume

A wonderfully evocative fragrance, My Burberry Classic uses bergamot, freesia, centifolia roses, damask, and patchouli, along with geranium and sweet pea to create a bouquet of floral delicacy, underscored by a slight earthy tone. It is that earthy tone that transforms the florals into a post-rainstorm paradise, a heady mix that remains light, elegant and engaging while staying subtle enough for daily use.


BlackMy Burberry Black Perfume

A more sensual fragrance that the others, My Burberry Black blends jasmine and rose to create a subtle floral aroma, accentuated by peach highlights and underscored by the sensual notes of amber and patchouli. This is a fragrance that builds confidence and enhances your sensuality, an intoxicating mix of elegance and desirability that puts you in control of any situation.

BlushMy Burberry Blush Perfume

An explosion of springtime vibrancy, My Burberry Blush is full of life, making you feel like the world is your oyster. With a floral bouquet that reflects the elegant approach throughout the My Burberry range, featuring jasmine rose, geranium and wisteria, it is full of the scent of fresh blooms. On top of those wonderful scents, Blush adds a fruity aroma, blending pomegranate, green apples and lemons, zesty fun that livens up any mood. Blush is all about new beginnings, from Springtime hope to a simple pick me up for a new day, it enlivens and emboldens you to take on the world.


The Package


Each package features its own color scheme, with elegant gold for the Classic, stylish black for the Black, and a subtle pink for Blush. However, each follows the same packaging style, with simple, clean designed packaging and wonderful bottles that feature a fabric bowtie to remind us of the roots of the brand in its specialist fabric clothing lines. In particular, the My Burberry Classic adds to this with the bow featuring gabardine material. This is to honor Burberry founder Thomas Burberry, who invented the fabric in 1879.


The Brand


Burberry was founded in Basingstoke, England in 1856, and has become renowned for creating high-quality clothing that features their traditional Burberry pattern. Burberry has continually innovated and introduced new lines, and today that clothing range is complemented by luggage, perfumes and a range of other products.

Throughout this, the commitment to quality has remained, with Burberry today as dedicated to providing quality goods as it ever was. The Burberry brand means style without compromise, and that is exactly what My Burberry delivers.


My Burberry is a wonderful collection of fragrances, each is unique, remarkably so really, and individually they all make great choices as fantastic fragrances in their own right. That is how most of us will use them, and they represent great value and wonderful perfumes, but as a collection of fragrances, they are perhaps even more special.

A collection of three different perfumes with a different character, they each provide something unique and together create a complete fragrance collection that will give you the perfect scent for almost any occasion. If you’re curious about other Burberry scents for women, check out our 7 Best Burberry Perfumes.

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