Perfume Spotlight – Burberry Brit for Women

Burberry Brit 

The Burberry brand covers many different aspects of fashion, but whether it is clothing, luggage or perfume, the one constant is the famous pattern. That is the first thing you notice when opening the stylish box, the bottle is clad in the iconic Burberry check pattern. Looking past the attractive packaging, what is Burberry Brit perfume for women?Burberry Brit Perfume

This is a bright, floral fragrance that has been on the market for many years, and remains a best seller, its clean and fresh fragrance continuing to appeal today. It is a subtle, elegant perfume, perfect for everyday use whether at work or play, avoiding the overpowering strength of some alternatives. Instead, it provides a beautiful, fresh fragrance that can last through the day, soft and understated, it lifts your mood and lets you shine.


The Fragrance

Fresh and clean, Burberry Brit for her delivers zesty notes of lime and pear, with the softer scent of lemongrass built upon almond and peony tones for a clean, vibrant effect. Earthy undertones of amber and tonka bean are accentuated by luscious vanilla to create a complete fragrance that manages to remain light, but still provides a sensuous accent to those naturally vibrant tones.


The Package

While the bottle packaging and the main box include the classic Burberry pattern, a lovely touch that brings this perfume into the brand well, that is just the first thing you notice. Beyond the colors, the quality and execution of the materials and design are also well done, and while for any perfume it is the fragrance that really matters, Burberry Brit perfume is also a very nice item to own.


The Brand

Burberry was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, in Basingstoke, England, originally producing quality clothing designed to protect people from the weather. In fact, he invented gabardine, the first real, easy to use weatherproof material. Since then, Burberry has grown to incorporate luggage, fashion and of course, a range of perfumes including Burberry Brit for Her.

One thing has not changed over those years though, and that is the commitment to quality and innovation. Burberry today stands for quality, and with Burberry Brit, you can see that in every aspect of the perfume. From packaging to ease of use, to ultimately the fragrance itself, it feels special and makes you feel special too.

When it comes to fragrance choice, there has never been a time when we have so many options, with perfumes designed for times of year and different occasions. Burberry has kept things simple with this fragrance, creating a wonderful perfume that is perfect for everyday use, but special enough for any occasion.

It manages to walk a line of being long lasting without resorting to overpowered scent, remaining subtle but evocative, and allows you to express your femininity without it dominating your personality in a way that some can.

Like Burberry Brit but want a lighter version? Try Burberry Brit Sheer which features top notes of bright yuzu and mandarin, pineapple leaves, lychee, and grapes. Burberry Brit Sheer perfumeThe heart is a floral mix of peony, peach blossom, sweet pea and a touch of nashi. The base of white musk and amyris wood carries the scent throughout the day.



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