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Perfume Spotlight – Burberry Touch

A landmark perfume in the Burberry journey, Burberry Touch was created by Michel Girard in 2000, and represented a new direction for the brand. Here, they moved towards a more modern style, and Burberry Touch was the first fragrance released to embody that change, with its soft, fresh feel that evokes a more casual feel than some, it uses florals and fresh notes for a welcoming, comfortable fragrance for a more relaxed approach.

Another in Burberry’s tradition of long-lasting fragrances, this one has remained a firm favorite since that launch and still ranks as a top perfume today. Created to be a strong, balanced fragrance that can be used every day, it has seductive undertones balanced with fresh, smoother notes for a wonderful, easy-going effect.


The Fragrance

A wonderfully soft and easy blend featuring fruity top notes, with the zesty orange and red grape, blackcurrant and blackberry providing natural, fresh tones. These are complemented by beautiful florals, including cassia and rose oil, jasmine, tuberose and lily, while a strong woody undertone supports it all, featuring oakmoss and cedarwood, with a hint of vanilla to add richness to the overall fragrance.


The PackageImage of Burberry Touch perfume for women

The outside packaging follows the familiar Burberry approach, with a simple but elegant box featuring the traditional Burberry pattern. Inside, the bottle is exquisite, with a tapered glass shape and a top that flares back out as it reached the neck. It’s a lovely break from the traditional perfume bottle which embodies the uniqueness that is Burberry Touch.


The Brand

Burberry is a household name, a fashion brand that has reached around the world. Founded in 1856 in Basingstoke, England by Thomas Burberry, it has grown steadily from those early beginnings making weatherproof clothing. Today, Burberry offers a full line of fragrances, along with fashion, luggage and home décor.

As a brand, the focus on quality is evident in everything they produce, and Burberry Touch is no different. With high quality, attractive packaging and beautiful presentation, it always feels like a quality product you are purchasing.

At its release in 2000, Burberry Touch was a very different approach from the brand, moving away from the classic Burberry Women bestseller, with its elegant and sensual approach, this more modern, relaxed fragrance set new expectations for the brand itself.

The blend of woody and fruity notes that create a genuine everyday fragrance, that is as comfortable as a warm woolen blanket. A fragrance that makes you feel at ease, but still turns heads when you want it to, Burberry Touch is a perfect addition to your repertoire. If you’re curious about other Burberry scents for women, check out our 7 Best Burberry Perfumes.


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