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Perfume Spotlight – Burberry The Beat


Burberry as a brand touches many different markets, but in appealing to a younger generation, they have frequently been associated with new music trends. In 2008, Burberry The Beat perfume for women was released to celebrate that association with a young, vibrant fragrance that evokes the energy and rebellion of the music of the time.

Created by Dominique Ropion, Olivier Polge, and Beatrice Piquet, this enticing fragrance differs significantly from previous Burberry offerings and sets the tone for the range of youthful fragrances they are still launching today.

Burberry the Beat Perfume for women


The Fragrance

Exciting and vibrant like the music it is inspired by, Burberry The Beat is definitely a fragrance to give you a lift every time you wear it. Floral and woody, with bergamot and mandarin giving it a fresh, youthful scent, followed by notes of cedarwood and musk to add the femininity that underlines this scent and makes it special. The final kick of spice, thanks to intoxicating pink pepper, ensures that Burberry the Beat is unlike any fragrance you have used before.

Wonderful, vibrant and energetic, Burberry The Beat gives you the energy you need every day, it’s a fragrance that will make you smile every time you spray it.


The Package

Burberry The Beat Perfume with PackagingKeeping with the music theme, the packaging is fresh and vibrant, but still with an unmistakably Burberry style. A crisp white background and modern font also feature a stylized version of the traditional Burberry pattern and opens to reveal a smooth, elegant bottle. With a silver metal top that blends seamlessly into the bottle for a perfect finish, the bottle also features an amulet made from metal and suede, tying into the accessories the fashion brand is famous for.



The Brand

The brand takes its name from its founder, Thomas Burberry, who launched the company in Basingstoke, England in 1856 with a range of weather-resistant clothing. From the beginning, he committed to making clothing of the finest quality, and that commitment still remains in every aspect of the brand today.

Burberry has grown considerably, and while Thomas invented the waterproof material Gabardine along the way, most of those changes happened after he was gone. Today, Burberry is a global fashion brand, sticking to its roots and still making that wonderful outerwear to protect against the weather, but the line has expanded to offer a range of fashion clothes and accessories, luggage, homeware and, of course, fragrances for both men and women. Check out the men’s version of The Beat.

Burberry The Beat is a unique fragrance, and it has proven incredibly popular since its launch. It gets you up and running in the morning and keeps you going at night, this is energy in a bottle that will make every day something special.

Youthful and feminine, you can wear Burberry The Beat anywhere, it’s the perfect antidote to the stress of modern life, a fragrance that lets you be you. See other Burberry reviews: My Burberry, Burberry Touch and Burberry Brit.

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