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Perfume Spotlight – Top Paco Rabanne for Women- Lady Million

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne was launched in 2010, two years after the men’s edition that inspired it. As the name suggests, it is a fragrance themed around gold and wealth, creating an image of success, affluence and power.Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume for women

From the gold diamond packaging to the forceful fragrance, this is a charismatic perfume that tells a powerful story, and it is no surprise it has been among the best sellers since its arrival. A fragrance that makes a real statement of feminine power, it creates an exceptional experience for every woman. This is a top Paco Rabanne for women.

The Fragrance


A sultry scent, it blends the zesty notes of orange with the florals of neroli, jasmine and orange flower for a fresh, bold scent. Raspberry and gardenia add volume to the fragrance, adding a sweetness that never overpowers the other notes, but enhances them. Underneath, powered by honey and patchouli, experience a deeper, sensual background that provides a staying power that this fragrance has in abundance.

It’s a real statement, a fragrance for those that want to stand out, and it feels great to wear. It inspired, providing a confidence boost if you need it, asserting your position and success.


The Packaging


As with all Paco Rabanne fragrances, innovative packaging comes with the territory. Here, the gold and luxury theme are turned up all the way, firstly with its beautiful gold box and then inside, with the bottle itself.Paco Rabanne Lady Million with box

Shaped like a cut diamond, the sculpted glass bottle and golden screw-top are beautifully done, making this one of the most striking packages you will ever see. Described as over the top luxe, some may see it as too much, but as fans of all things extra, we think it’s fabulous.


The Brand


Paco Rabanne was launched in 1966 as a fashion house, by founder Francisco ‘Paco’ Rabaneda Cuervo. His vision and ideas saw the brand grow rapidly, expanding into other areas very quickly. The brand’s first perfume, Calandre, was launched in 1969 to great acclaim and is still considered one of the greats of the perfume industry.

Paco Rabanne has continued to innovate, pushing boundaries in both men’s and women’s fragrances, with new ideas on bottle design and fragrance alike. Lady Million, with its wonderful bottle and powerful, unique scent, continues this trend, delivering something very different to the market and changing how we think about women’s fragrances. Check out our review of Paco Rabanne colognes for men.

Not a fragrance for subtlety, Paco Rabanne Lady Millions is a wonderful embodiment of 21st-century woman. Powerful, successful and unafraid to show it, it’s the fragrance that reminds the world who you are. But despite the focus power, it retains a sensual edge that brings your femininity to the front. It’s an intoxicating mix that is just unashamedly wonderful.

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