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Perfume Spotlight – Paco Rabanne Olympéa

Paco Rabanne Olympea perfume for women

Olympéa by Paco Rabanne is, as the name hints, an evocative fragrance that is inspired by competition, the athletic spirit and ultimately victory. Created to reflect the ideals of a modern Greek goddess, it brings the exotic to any occasion, with hints of the orient and aquatic undertones creating a memorable fragrance that will turn heads everywhere you go.

It walks you through an adventure of aromas, from salty ocean freshness to sensual woody undertones, Olympéa is a powerful statement of feminine success.


The Fragrance

This is a strong, statement fragrance that uses floral and aquatic top notes, with jasmine and water lily, enhanced by the oriental freshness of mandarin that brings the senses to life. Salted vanilla adds a lush, sensual tone, with sandalwood, cashmere and ambergris providing a natural, deep base that gives it power.

Powerful yet balanced, it is a fragrance that acts as a hit of girl power everywhere you go. With Olympéa anything is possible, it is your secret weapon when you take on the world.


The Packaging

Paco Rabanne has a reputation for quality presentation and they don’t let us down with Paco Rabanne Olympéa. The beautiful pink packaging features white wings and a gold scroll, inline with the Greek theme. Once you open the package, you reveal the magic inside.Paco Rabanne Olympea perfume for women with packaging

The bottle is a work of art, shaped like a laurel crown with an elegant top and simple, unobtrusive lettering, allowing the sculpture of the metal and glass to shine. Everything about the experience tells you that you have a quality product in your hand, designed by people who understand why we love fragrances.


The Brand

One of the leading perfumers in the world, Paco Rabanne takes its name from its Spanish founder, Francisco ‘Paco’ Rabaneda Cuervo. After felling the Spanish Civil war, he made Paris is home, eventually founding the company that bears his name in 1966. Launched as a fashion label, the first fragrance was released in 1969, the legendary Calandre, worn by stars the world over.

The brand has been at the leading edge of the industry ever since, from sculpted bottles to innovative fragrances, Pace Rabanne has reputation for pushing the boundaries of what we can expect. Olympéa has continued that reputation and is a perfect example of the high-quality, beautiful product that Paco Rabanne is most famous for.

Some fragrances are designed to give a soft, unassuming experience, but Olympéa is the exact opposite. It is strong, powerful and right there pushing you to be bold. It brings self-confidence and an aura of invincibility, you really are a Greek goddess with this fragrance.

While It is never going to be an everyday fragrance, not a bad thing by any means, Olympéa is for those special moments, when you need to exude power and confidence completely and make sure those around you take notice. Wonderful, inspiring and a real luxury feel throughout, it’s a fantastic addition to your collection.


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