Top 10 Best smelling Tom Ford Cologne

Tom Ford is one of the most well-known American fashion designers around the globe, as over the years he has been able to impose style with his magnificent timeless creations (which tend to always have a ‘pop’ and ‘wow’ factor).

Since he was a young boy living in Austin, Texas, he had a great interest in being part of the fashion world. Tom’s interest was so big that he left home when he was a teenager and headed to the big apple with a lot of dreams, which came true when he opted to attend one of the most prestigious fashion schools in New York City and when he became extremely persistent on every door he knocked on in the fashion industry, where it is well-known that only the best of the best have what it takes to make it to the top of the fashion ladder.

This Texan native rose to international fame in 1992, as he became the design director of the prestigious Gucci brand. In 1994, Tom Ford was promoted to creative director and was often mentioned in the media as the man who was able to put glamour back into the fashion scene.

Not only is Mr. Ford known for once being the creative director of Gucci but also for once being the creative director of the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. Tom has won numerous of awards from numerous of important fashion institutions, such as from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Just like he did with Gucci, Tom Ford was able to catapult Yves Saint Laurent back into the mainstream, which turned him into one of the most influential people in the fashion industry.

In 2004, he decided to part ways with both of these fashion houses and began to consider launching his own line of menswear, eyewear, beauty, and accessories.

After gaining international fame by turning Gucci into an icon of sexy, modern fashion, American designer Tom Ford introduced his line in 2006, which included Tom Ford Beauty: a captivating collection that included intense fragrances for both men and women.

For eight years, Tom Ford has been gallanting the fashion industry with his own creations. He has launched a handful of things since 2006, but there is one thing in particular that he creates that tends to captivate multitudes: fragrances.

The Top Tom Ford Cologne & Perfumes

Tom Ford for Men

This is the first fragrance that Tom Ford launched in his line, which has become extremely popular around the globe for its exquisite blends of traditional elements that include a slight touch of modern influences. It is a refined, luxurious, and sensual fragrance that begins with a crisp citrus aroma that you could only be found in the Mediterranean. This first note carries into a refreshing and bright mix of deep greens, grapefruit, and ginger. From there, the scent of this perfume turns robust, before it mellows into a masculine and rich base of leatherwood and amber. This perfume goes hand-in-hand with an individual who is going out at night to meet his other half and wants to impress with an exotic scent.

Grey Vetiver

This fragrance is perfect for masculine men who sophisticated, classic, and unabashedly. This scent revolves around the essence of vetiver, which is obtained by an innovative extraction technique. This fragrance has definitely a one-of-a-kind aroma that achieves its full potential with the help of enhanced elements. The top layer of this fragrance includes grapefruit, aromatic sage lend freshness, and grapefruit. Warm woods balance and wrap the top layer with notes composed of nutmeg, pimiento, and orris. The rich dry down is what lead into a fascinating wash of golden amber woods. Oakmoss contributes a woodsy and green impression, which completes the refined harmony.

Black Orchid (unisex)

This particular fragrance from Mr. Ford contains a show-stopping aroma that is not intended for those women who do not like to be the center of attention. The custom grown is the one-of-a-kind note in this luxurious scent that has many women talking about it all over the World Wide Web. Its rich fruit accords and sultry wood notes helps bring out your skin’s natural perfume. This scent could easily fall into the sensual, timeless, and luxurious categories. It is perfect for women who like to be show-stopping individuals.


If you don’t like to be stopped at the streets by people who are intrigued by how good you smell, then this fragrance would not be your best bet, as its powerful notes will have everybody wanting to be close to you. This masterful scent has lush black Italian fig, Persian lemon, vintage patchouli, decadent black truffle, and rich cedarwood. The base itself is built with caramel, vanilla, Haitian vetyver, vieux, patchouli, black truffle, fig, balsam, amber, Shoveido incense, and supple leather accord. The top layer is made of rich ingredients, such as chamomile, coriander, Thai basil, cardamom, cinnamon bark, cistus, and Persian lemon. The center contains sandalwood, Cedarwood Atlas, Brogiotto black fig, black plum, Parma violet, saffron, and thympe. All of these ingredients made this perfume an exquisite scent for any man who likes to captivate.

Tuscan Leather (unisex)

A private blending of intriguing notes brings a raw yet reserved sensuality to this scent. Notes such as saffron, thyme, night-blooming jasmine, black suede, leather, amber wood, and raspberry add an intricate richness. This sensual and sophisticated fragrance was inspired by Tom Ford’s love of fine leather. ‘Private Blend is my own scent laboratory; it’s where I have the ability to create very special, original fragrances that are unconstrained by the conventions of mainstream scent-making. Private Blend is designed with the true fragrance connoisseur in mind.’ — Tom Ford

Noir de Noir

This is an oriental scent that will make you feel timeless. It opens with notes of black truffle, floralcy, black rose, and woven saffron. Underneath the scent you’ll smell notes of patchouli, vanilla, tree moss, and out wood. It is definitely a perfume for those men who want a sensual scent experience.

Amber Absolute (unisex)

Each note in this fragrance is completely developed to stimulate, delight, challenge or enchant. The honey colored scent in it is infused with pure amber and joined by African license, rich woods, labdanum, and a touch of vanilla bean. With this fragrance, Tom Ford opens a door into the incredible environment of artisanal scent. Even the bottle itself the scent comes in is a piece of art, as the bottle was inspired by the dark brown glass that is used in apothecary bottles , which are usually only found in perfumer’s atelier. It has a sleek architectural look of that of a chess piece.

Oud Wood

On many reputable online sites where customer often rate their most recent purchases, countless of individuals are saying that this fragrance is one of the best scents out-there for men in the market. It has extremely soft tones that will not overshadow your presence. The bottle itself looks like an exquisite chess piece. If you the kind of person who likes to be remembered for your soft scent, this is your best bet, as it will meet all of your expectations and more.

Tobacco Vanille

This fragrance is a modern take on an old men’s club. Its smooth oriental Tobacco Vanille opens immediately with opulent notes of aromatic spice and tobacco leaf. The center will unfold with tobacco flower, vanilla, creamy tonka bean, and cocoa. It will finish with a dry fruit that is enriched with sweet wood sap.

Italian Cypress (unisex)

The great thing about this fragrance is that anybody can use, so you can share it with your boyfriend/girlfriend. This scent was created especially for the Tom Ford store that is located in Milan, Italy. It is a fashionable scent that has a perfect blend of tradition but also innovation. The aromatic chypre contains notes of mandarin, bergamot, spearmint, clove, geranium, basil, cypress, patchouli, rockrose, and moss.


This is an oriental and sensual fragrance that is able to capture the dual facets of the Tom Ford men: an urban, refined, and sophisticated man who the globe gets to see and the sensuous and intriguingly private man they don’t. The notes that it contains are Violet Flower, Verbena, Bergamot Oil, Baie Rose, Caraway Oil, Geranium Oil, Bulgarian Rose, Styrax Oil, Tuscan Iris Resinoid, Black Pepper Oil, Clary Sage, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Leather, Vanilla, Benzoin, Opoponax, Amber Civet, and of course Vetiver, which is an ingredient Tom Ford usually uses in his fragrances.

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Dr. S. Chatterjee - November 30, 2016

I like Tom Ford Men Perfume but sorry to say there is no outlet in India. Pl let me know which men perfume contains Ambergris


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